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    STEAM for Innovation and Education
    Integrating modern enrichment activities into formal education.
    Robotics, Electronics, Aviation, 3D printing and more ...
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    STEAM for Innovation and Education
    Qualified trainers and mentors
    Workshops for all ages!
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    STEAM for Innovation and Education
    Various scientific exhibitions
    Presenting the most advanced and the latest educational technological tools
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    STEAM for Innovation and Education
    Training courses for teachers
    In topics including
    robotics, electronics, programming, innovation and Make/Tinkering
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    STEAM for Innovation and Education
    Competitions and contests
    Competitions between schools in the fields of robotics and programming
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    STEAM for Innovation and Education
    Summer Camps
    Summer camps and workshops
    in the fields of programming, robotics and electronics

About US

Fun learning with the integration of STEM

STEAM for Innovation and Education was founded in 2016 with the "STEAM" idea. The idea is based on providing multi-disciplinary education that includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics with an Artistic touch.

Our Vision

Internalizing the skills of science, logic and life in students and enabling them to create innovative scientific changes to the benefit of their society and country.

Our Message

We believe in the capabilities of young generations; as they need the motivation and stimulation of their skills, so they reach the highest ranks in STEM and innovation. Having the right knowledge and skills, they will become able to bring about the change and development.

  • Creative Workshops

    Electronics, 3D printing, Robotics ...

    The company offers many formal and extracurricular educational workshops and activities that focus on introducing and using the technology in education and on adding enrichment concepts of high academic and educational quality that earns the student the concepts and skills of the twenty-first century.

  • Programming courses for students

    Hour of code, scratch, programming by playing, java, and developing smartphone applications

    STEAM offers systematic trainings and courses in the field of programming for students, which starts by using the Scratch and moves up to teaching high level programming languages such as Java and developing smart phone applications. In addition to the company's focus on learning the programming concepts through play, in which the students learns how to code through solving stages in various games and activities.

  • Teachers Training

    Trainings and qualification courses for teachers in the fields of programming, Make/Tinkering, Robotic and Electronics

    STEAM works in collaboration with many entities and institutions in the Jerusalem district and surroundings to train teachers in multi-disciplinary education (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), Where the company has trained teachers systematically in various topics such as Robotics, Electronics and Programming. STEAM helps schools utilize educational technology solutions for special education and students with learning difficulties.

  • Competitions

    STEAM organizes competitions and contests between schools on regular basis, in the subjects of Robotics and in programming

    The company organizes its own competitions between schools at the country level in general and at the Jerusalem district level in particular. The company has also supplied schools with electronics kits (SyscoLab) and trained their teachers on how to use them. Later, the kits were used in various exhibitions and competitions that earns students with technical and interpersonal skills.

  • Science and Technology Exhibitions

    Scientific and technological exhibitions to discover the latest technologies

    The company conducts periodically various scientific and technological exhibitions, showcasing the latest and the most advanced educational methods in the field of adapting technology in education. It presents the latest technologies, solutions, curricula, courses, workshops and qualification courses that the company provides to schools, institutions and everyone concerned with developing the education sector, especially in Jerusalem.

  • Franchise of local and international companies

    Dealership of various products, providing school with the technological and scientific resources

    The company is a strategic partner with a number of local and global companies that works in the education technology, in Jerusalem the company is the exclusive dealer of products like Snap Circuits the special Prexo educational suitcases that specialize in educational robot and the educational electronics (SyscoLab) suitcases and the Palestinian technology curriculum suitcases and many more.
    The company also works in providing the schools with scientific and technological resources for the various science laboratories
    To find out more about the products that the company provides, please check the following catalogs :
    * Physics Catalog
    * Chemistry Catalog
    * Biology Catalog
    * Technology Catalog

STEAM in numbers

  • More than 1,000 technological scientific workshop and activity.

  • More than 10,000 student participated in the "STEAM" workshops.

  • More than 500 teachers were trained.

  • More than 100 school participated in the activities and workshops.

  • More than 20 qualified trainers and mentor work with ”STEAM”

Photos from activities Contact us

STEAM company catalogs in the fields of technology and science

  • Technology Catalog

    It contains the technological products provided by STEAM For Jerusalem schools Browse

  • Physics Catalog

    It contains all the necessary resources and equipment for the physics laboratories Browse

  • Chemistry Catalog

    It contains all the necessary resources and equipment for the chemistry laboratories Browse

  • Biology Catalog

    It contains all the necessary resources and equipment for the biology laboratories Browse

STEAM Workshops

Fun and enriching educational workshops and activities that reflects practical applications in the fields of science, arts, engineering and technology and are related to student life and the current technological advancement. Here is a list of the most important among it!

Photos from our workshops

Some of the photos that were taken in different workshops and activities conducted at various schools and educational centers

More photos from the company activities


Within the Science Pioneers project that is being implemented in the schools of East Jerusalem, we have cooperated with STEAM company in implementing the Cisco- Lab project through training and mentoring meetings for teachers from East Jerusalem in the field of education and innovation and the implementation of innovative technological projects and the transfer of these experiences to our dear students who represent the center of the pedagogical and the educational process.

The project was implemented in eight schools in East Jerusalem in the past year, and other schools will be included in the coming academic year and we will hold competitions and technological exhibitions whose role are to stimulate the innovation in the Jerusalemite student.

Mr. Mohammad Al-Harbouk
Current: School Principal, Past:Director of the Science Pioneers project in Jerusalem

STEAM Company provided training for teachers on programming and robotics within two educational programs of the Faisal Al-Husseini Foundation.

STEAM has demonstrated commitment in its training and interest in the work, and all of its trainers were proficient in their field of specialization, and there was satisfaction from the various participating schools for their performance.

Mrs. Fadwa al-Husseini
General Director of the Faisal Al-Husseini Foundation
In cooperation with the Educational Computing Center in the Municipality of Jerusalem, STEAM has implemented a course for the kindergartens' and special education schools’ teachers in Jerusalem in the topic of the educational robotics.

The company has provided the participating kindergartens and schools with the appropriate robot kits following the project plan.

Mr. Hani Abu Omar
Head of the Educational Computing Center in the Municipality of Jerusalem
My interaction with STEAM Company was through developing new programs in the Academy of Excellence in Beit Hanina. The experience was outstanding with a team that strives to put all of its efforts to develop programs and activities in technology for all generations in Jerusalem.

Dr. Tahani Malaabi
Director of The Academy of Excellence

Contact us

  • Main Office location

    14, Al-Zaytouna Street, Beit Safafa, Jerusalem

  • Call us

    + (972) 523 469 888

    + (972) 527 006 137

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